Book Reviews

Well, for several reasons, Hot Extract is no longer the catch-all site it was.  It’s still going to be there, still part of the SOFREP network, but it’s going to be dedicated games stuff now, though still with a military viewpoint. Point is, I won’t be writing for it anymore.  While I did a couple of game reviews, my focus was books, and frankly, writing for SOFREP has cut way back on what I could do for Hot Extract. However, I’m still going to be doing the occasional book review, when I actually get one finished.  They will be posted here, instead of on HE or any other site, so there will actually start to be some more original content on this blog, as opposed to the “Here’s what I did on SOFREP, Breach-Bang-Clear, etc.” Stand by for reviews of “American Badass” by Dale Comstock, and “Contracted II: America’s Terror Trackers” by Kerry Patton.

Pretty Swamped

So, I’ve had a lot of projects come my way lately.  Not least of which, I am now going to be writing a SOFREP ebook on the recovery effort for Marcus Luttrell’s team and the bodies of Turbine 33, the MH-47 that was shot down by the Taliban trying to retrieve Marcus and his comrades the first day.  I don’t know exactly when it will be out yet, but likely around the time the Lone Survivor movie comes out. I’ll also have a number of gear reviews going out to Breach-Bang-Clear, KitUp!, and Recoil.  Yes, Recoil screwed up a few months back, but they have bent over backward to fix that and redeem themselves in the eyes of the gun-owning community. Meantime, the history of MCSOCOM Det One continues on SOFREP, along with a brief update on the situation in Egypt.  I’ve started a series on “Training on the Cheap” on Breach-Bang-Clear.  And, today, another anti-conspiracy theory piece went up on the Rhino Den. I’m getting close to finishing A Silver Cross and a Winchester.  It’s slowed down a little lately, thanks to everything else going on, but I’m still hoping to have it done by the end of the

Expanded Distribution

So, when I set up Hunting in the Shadows, I paid extra for “Expanded Distribution.”  Turns out that for that to work, I have to increase the paperback price.  It hasn’t hit yet, but the cover price for Hunting in the Shadows is going up to $17.50.  Amazon is probably going to knock a couple bucks off of it, and the Kindle and other ebook prices will remain the same.  This way, I might get at least this one into bookstores somewhere.

Catching Up

I’ve been a little behind on updating this blog. Between writing for SOFREP, Hot Extract, finally getting back to Breach-Bang-Clear, working on another book (presently titled A Silver Cross and a Winchester and now becoming a Rhino Den writer, it’s been a little busy around here. SOFREP has now gone to a subscription service. This was a business decision made by the Executive and Managing Editors. It seems a few of our sponsors were trying to steer our content, so this was how to maintain control, pay the writers, and even hire a couple more. So, most SOFREP links from here will now only be available to subscribers. The rates are $4.99/month, $1.99/month for active military/LEO. There has been some butt-hurt over this decision. I confess I have little to no sympathy for those who feel they are entitled to our work. The reasons have been stated, and the rates are more than reasonable. I’d be willing to wager most people pay more than that a day for coffee. At any rate, links for those who wish to catch up on my scribblings: SOFREP – Al Qaeda, Liquid Explosives, and this Weak-Kneed, Reactive Mess (Subscription) Breach-Bang-Clear – Tactical Fanboys and