Nightmares Released

Nightmares is out! One Brush With The Darkness… That’s all it took. Now, years before a Fallen Angel is nearly unleashed upon the town of Silverton, Jed Horn is merely a troubled former Marine who is haunted by nightmares of the terrible being that slaughtered his comrades that night in the Iraqi desert. Desperate for answers and proof that he’s not crazy, Jed has gone down some dangerous roads, and attracted the attention of forces just as malicious as the one that started him on the path. But when he’s found by a priest and a Witch Hunter of the Order of the Silver Cross, Jed has a chance to find the answers he’s looking for, as well as fight back against the darkness that he’d never been sure even existed. As he embarks on this timeless war, he first has to confront the forces that have focused on him during his search… It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple.  The paperback was up on Amazon last night, but is MIA at the moment, as Amazon sorts itself out.  This is pretty standard, I’m afraid.  It should be back up in the next 24 hours.

Ready to Roll

Final edits on Nightmares are done, and the final version was uploaded for Kindle, Paperback, and Smashwords (which will translate to Nook and iBooks) last night.  We are on track for January 15. Kindle pre-order is here. Work is proceeding on outlining the next Praetorian book, now with the working title, That Sneaky Devil.