A Bit of a Shakeup

A Bit of a Shakeup

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I know.  That’s because I’ve been a little busy.  The business side of this author thing is getting a bit of a shakeup. I’ve recently been picking James Rosone’s brain on marketing.  He’s been doing rather better at this than I have, and he’s had some wisdom to impart.  So, I’ve been trying to put it into practice. The Maelstrom Rising series is now something of my flagship series, and James has strongly suggested that I concentrate on it for the time being.  You might have noticed new covers in the sidebar.  That’s part of the shakeup. It’s also why Strategic Assets has been moved to the front of the queue.  (And yes, if you click on the image, it will take you to a preorder link.)  Enemy of My Enemy is still in the works, but the Brannigan’s Blackhearts series needs some more work. I also got Strategic Assets outlined in two days, started the first draft on Friday, and it’s already over 13k words in.  Pulp Speed is back, folks.  Hopefully I can maintain it, because this series got big.  (As in, “probably 14 books long, not counting the anthology” big.)  Trying to give the broad

Quick Update

Been pretty busy lately.  Got the first (and second) draft of an Heroic Fantasy story done that I’m trying to sell to an actual publisher, but while I wait on Reader Force Alpha, I’ve embarked on a couple more projects. The big one is, of course, Lex Talionis, American Praetorians Number Five.  I’m still outlining, as this one is going to be a bear and a half.  But it’s getting there. In the meantime, I’ve started in on a Jed Horn short story/novella (probably going to end up about the same length as Rock, Meet Hard Place).  It’ll be going up on Kindle exclusive once it’s done.  (Though it might get included in a later edition of one of the existing novels for those who want to have a paper copy.) Now back to the word mines.

A Bit of News

Those who follow my Facebook page might have seen this already, but I ran into a spot of trouble concerning Hunting in the Shadows‘ Kindle Select status.  Long story short, it seems that Kobo Ebooks failed to take it down after I unpublished the Smashwords version (though all the others are down).  I’ve contacted Smashwords about it; they have contacted Kobo, and hopefully this will be getting sorted soon.  I also contacted Kindle Direct Publishing, explaining the situation, and HitS has a bit of a reprieve; I’ve now got 30 days to make sure Kobo gets their act together.  Considering that Kobo’s website has no contact portal for anything but troubleshooting their ereaders, I’m going to have to rely on Smashwords for it; fortunately, Smashwords got back to me within a couple of hours, so that’s a good sign. Kill Yuan has now been out for two months, and a few people have asked about the next Praetorian book.  Lex Talionis is coming, and I’ve started to do a little bit of groundwork for it.  I’d hoped to see it out the door by the end of the year; however, depending on how things go over the next couple of