Here you’ll find links to free online stories I’ve written.

Drawing the Line – An American Praetorians Story: Originally on Amazon, this 22,000-word novella is now available for free when you sign up for the newsletter!

Rock, Meet Hard Place (Part 1): My foray into Larry Correia’s and Mike Kupari’s Dead Six universe.  Set between Swords of Exodus and Alliance of Shadows, we meet Frank Dragic, a contractor working for certain shady individuals, who gets contracted to hunt Anders in Azerbaijan.  Things do not go according to plan.

And since it’s a two parter, here’s Mike’s Part 2.

Brannigan’s Blackhearts #0 – The Colonel Has A Plan: Released in three parts on the blog, here is the story of the last mission of Colonel John Brannigan, USMC, before he eventually goes private sector.