Signed Copies of Crimson Star

Signed Copies of Crimson Star

I haven’t been promoting my own shop quite as much as I possibly should have.  It’s there, though, with signed copies of all my books (as well as plenty of the American Praetorians patches from years ago), available.  I’ve even just updated the inventory. The occasion for this announcement is, of course, the box with author copies of Crimson Star showing up on my front porch this morning.  So, those are now available, along with everything else. Head over and give it a look. (Note: while they’re unlisted at the moment, I do still have copies of the older editions, with the old covers, of several of my books that have since been updated.  If by chance you’re one of those kind of completionists, or just want what might, possibly, in a distant future, become a collectible, contact me and I can set up a temp listing.)

Giveaway and Sale

I’m having a little giveaway to celebrate the launch of Alone and Unafaraid, starting at midnight tonight and running through midnight on August 27th.  The grand prize winner will receive a signed copy of each American Praetorians book.  Two other winners will receive a signed copy of Alone and Unafraid. Additionally, all hats, caps and patches are 25% off, until the end of the giveaway.  Use the coupon code HillBilly at checkout.

Gear Update

You may notice that the Gear and Signed Books pages are no longer to be found on WordPress.  They have officially been moved to a new site, which allows for better inventory control and shipping (especially international shipping).  In short, it’s much better for e-commerce.  Head over and take a look by either clicking on the new link to the right or following this link: You can pre-order your signed copy of Alone and Unafraid there now!