Couple of Things

Couple of Things

It’s becoming harder and harder to get the word out to you, the fans, that I’ve got new books out.  Facebook throttles everything.  Amazon Marketing Services has gotten less and less effective over the last six to nine months, as the market has gotten more and more saturated.  And that same market saturation makes visibility more difficult, as well.  So, the solution is more of a direct contact between me, the author, and you, the reader.  The newsletter is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  So, if you haven’t read Drawing the Line before, or even if you have, go ahead and sign up.  It will help ensure that you do get the word when I’ve got stuff happening, instead of letting it get lost in the noise.

Reading List

I’ve had a couple of requests for a recommended reading list, largely for stuff similar to the Praetorian series.  I’ve also been asked about stuff similar to the Jed Horn series, just not as often (since Jed seems to have a slightly smaller following, that shouldn’t be surprising).  So, after a little thinking (and a little turning around to stare at the bookcases behind my desk), I’ve got a few recommended reads, fiction and non-fiction, that might fill the bill.

Caveat Emptor: Oris and Force Reconnaissance UPDATE

UPDATE: Oris’ CEO has written to the CO of 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, and is seeking to donate to Recon non-profits.  It appears that they are sincere, and got led down the wrong path.  Good on ’em. ********** Recently, the Swiss watch company Oris announced that they have entered into a partnership with Marine Force Reconnaissance, and are selling a watch with the Force Recon logo on it.  The truth is, Oris is NOT in any way actually partnered with the Force Reconnaissance community.