Gray War Audio!

Gray War Audio!

So, while we weren’t quite able to time things to get simultaneous publication, for the first time we’ve got audio coming out with the ebook and print. Gray War is now available in all formats! It was supposed to be a break from war zones…. Until all hell broke loose…. Can they survive long enough to fight this new war? Chris Grant had taken the close protection gig for a finance guy as a break from the last two decades spent in war zones around the world. When a coordinated attempt is made on the client’s life, however, he finds that this job isn’t as simple as it seemed. Things only get more complicated from there. The Pallas Group Solutions contractors haven’t been selected because they’ll sit on their hands. As they begin to gather more intelligence, and as the bodies stack up, they discover that there’s more to both the client and their own company than meets the eye. They’ve plunged into a world of drugs, corruption, foreign influence, and terrorism. And a secret war that they have no choice but to fight. Gray War, the first Pallas Group Solutions Thriller, is available in ebook, hardcover, paperback, and audio. The ebook

Kill Yuan Is On Audible

It’s going to be a couple days before it pops up on Amazon and iTunes, but the Kill Yuan audiobook is up for purchase on Audible!  Finally! So, now there’s not only a new cover, more along the lines of the classic Action/Adventure novels (I got comparisons to old school Mack Bolan from both Jack Murphy and Larry Correia when I showed each of them), but now you can listen to all the carnage and mayhem in your car (or shop, or office, or whatever). I really think Cody did a damned good job with this one.  He managed to make each of the voices distinct.  It’s a good listen.

Kill Yuan Second Edition

What’s that?  “Second Edition,” you say? Well, as it happens, the story is the same.  A couple of typos have been corrected, but that’s the only change to the actual novel. The big change is the cover.  A few people have expressed misgivings about or outright dislike of the original cover, finding it a bit too much like Archer, and therefore suggesting that the book is a parody, which anyone who has read it can tell you it is not.  It is an action/adventure thriller, along the same vein as the Praetorian series. Now, I’d already been hearing a bit of this, though I’d also heard from people who really liked the cover.  But when the International Lord of Hate himself, Larry Correia, suggests, “You might want to consider a different cover; it looks like it’s a comedy,” you listen.  So, shortly after LTUE, I contacted Kevin Granzow, who has done covers for a couple of friends of mine, including Steven Hildreth and Ross Elder. Behold: The page on Amazon hasn’t updated with the new cover yet, though the preview file on “Look Inside” has, strangely enough.  The paperback is also going to be unavailable until I can get a