I Got A Book Bomb!

Escalation - Maelstrom Rising

What’s a Book Bomb?  It’s when The International Lord of Hate, New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin’ Correia asks his fans (who are legion) to go out and buy a book.  It gives the target a good sales boost.  In this case, he’s pushing Escalation. I’m extremely grateful for this.  Larry’s a friend and a great guy, author of the Monster Hunter International, Grimnoir, and Forgotten Warrior series, and one that I’ve gotten to write in, the Dead Six Trilogy. This one isn’t just for me, though.  It’s a Double-Barrelled Book Bomb.  Larry’s bombing me and Jim Curtis, author of Rimworld: Militia Up.  Jim’s a retired naval aviator and another great guy.  He’s been there and seen things.  I got to meet him at Life, The Universe, and Everything a couple years back, and some of the arc of Holding Action came out of conversations with him. Here’s the blurb on Militia Up: It was supposed to be a simple contract for a couple of months of security services off world, but the devil’s in the details. Tight Bridge Technologies hired Ethan Fargo and his militia to guard their power stations on the planet Endine against mob unrest and sabotage. When

Rock, Meet Hard Place

So, a couple posts back, I spoke of a 22,000 word story that I couldn’t really talk about.  Well, now I can. A few months back, Mike Kupari hit me up with the idea of doing a short story for Baen.com with him, set in the Dead Six universe, created between him and Larry Correia, between Swords of Exodus and Alliance of Shadows, which comes out next month.  Being a big fan of the Dead Six series, myself, I readily agreed.  The end result is Rock, Meet Hard Place, Part 1 and Part 2.  

Book Review: Swords of Exodus

I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I first finished Dead Six.  If you haven’t read Dead Six, go do so.  Now.  I’ll wait. Pretty badass, isn’t it?  Well, Swords of Exodus ratchets things up a notch. It has been about a year since Dead Six came to a close.  Lorenzo gets pulled out of retirement, first to rescue Valentine from a black site prison (where Val is getting his mind screwed with even more than usual), then to rescue his brother Bob from Sala Jihan, the Pale Man.  Things do not go according to plan. The action is, in places, even more intense than in Dead Six.  There are full-bore, company-level assaults going on in this book.  Both Larry and Mike know their weapons handling, and the tactics are depicted well.  Mike’s an EOD tech and a combat vet, and while Larry may not have been military, he’s been immersed in the gun culture for a long, long, time, and has a lot of friends who have worn the green at some point. The book is more than a series of firefights, of course.  Val is, if anything, even more messed up than he was before, and is