Three Weeks Later, And Still Few Answers


It has been three weeks since the beginning of the catastrophic blackout that has cut off electrical power to the Pacific Coast, the Southwest, much of the Southeast, and the Eastern Seaboard.  Efforts to restore the grid in effected areas have largely met with failure, either due to technical problems or attacks by gangs.  This seems to have bolstered theories that the blackout was caused by a terrorist attack.  Authorities that this reporter was able to reach have not endorsed this view, however, insisting that there is no solid evidence of such an attack.  Nor have the rash of infrastructure attacks been linked by any such authorities.  The official, who preferred to remain anonymous, dismissed such links as “conspiracy theories.”


Aid Reaches the Pacific Coast, While Violence Escalates


Reports have begun to come out of the major Pacific Coast cities indicating that Chinese companies have begun to deliver aid supplies to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Unfortunately, the arrival of foreign aid seems to have sparked increased levels of violence, as open fighting in the streets has been reported in San Diego and Seattle at the same time.


Aztlan Militia Seizes Control in Wake of Blackout


The militia calling itself “Soldados de Aztlan” has reportedly taken control of large sections of Yuma, Tucson, Chula Vista, and Las Cruces, among other, smaller cities in the Southwest.  So far, no reporters have been allowed into these enclaves, having been turned away by armed men.  There are rumors of several reporters disappearing in the vicinity, but these are uncorroborated.


China Begins Air Campaign Against Taiwan


Dawn airstrikes hit multiple targets across the island of Taiwan this morning, destroying facilities on Ching Chuan Kang Airbase, as well as at least a dozen other targets across the island.  Beijing announced that the strikes were in retaliation for hostile Taiwanese actions around the Spratly Islands and intervention in the “dispute” on Palawan.


Parliament Under Siege


Riots in the UK are now completely out of control.  Unconfirmed reports are coming out that entire units of the Royal Army are refusing orders, and rioters now have Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster surrounded.  Open street fighting between right-wing British Identity groups and Islamic militias continue throughout London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Sheffield.  Meanwhile, the European Defense Council has reiterated its demands for British forces to assist in the current unrest in Eastern Europe.


Slovakia Situation Worsens


Little information has come out of Slovakia outside of official European Defense Council channels, but it is apparent that the situation has severely deteriorated.  EDC spokesperson Therese Charron said only that a sudden Nationalist attack had caused massive casualties among the peacekeeper units deployed to the small, Eastern European country, most likely with Russian aid.  As a result, the French and German governments have found it necessary to intervene more directly.  Violence has briefly calmed following the introduction of more French and German forces into the country, but some uncorroborated reports do indicate that unrest continues unabated.  We have been unable to confirm rumors of more EDC forces clashing with Polish forces along the Slovakian border.


China and India Now in Open Conflict


Chinese troops attacked Indian forces on the Doklam Plateau yesterday in a devastating strike that appears to have resulted in the destruction of all Indian military vehicles and the deaths of most of the Indian soldiers.  Simultaneously, Chinese “contractors” in Kashmir have begun heavily securing energy and transport sites in and around Kargil.


Estonia Secured by Russian Forces


After an exchange of fire across the Estonian border (believed to have been provoked by reconnaissance elements of the 138th Guards Motor Rifle Division deliberately or inadvertently crossing the border), Russian forces pushed into Estonia on 25 September.  After two major clashes near Ahtme and Tortu, and naval strikes from the Baltic Fleet on Tallinn itself, the Tallinn government surrendered.  Among the terms of surrender was the permanent stationing of elements of the 138th Guards Motor Rifle Division and 6th Combined Arms Army along the Latvian border.

Simultaneously, elements of the 1st Guards Tank Army and 20th Guards Combined Arms Army have moved toward the Ukrainian-Polish border.


Naval Conflict in the South China Sea


Unconfirmed reports indicate that the accident that sank the USS Wayne E. Meyer in the South China Sea might have been, in fact, a torpedo strike from a Chinese nuclear attack submarine.  Beijing has not acknowledged the sinking as anything but an accident, but has warned that the waters the Wayne E. Meyer was sailing through are Chinese territorial waters, and that any ships attempting to navigate through them without Chinese permission do so at their own risk.


It’s War!


Despite what the limping remnant of the Mainstream Media says, all is not well in the world.  While the blackout and the disruption of Internet services across the US has limited the amount of information available, we at Independent News Daily Report have learned that not only was the blackout an act of cyber-terrorism, but that it was, apparently, conducted at least at the behest or with the cooperation of none other than the European Defense Council!  The European, New World Order utopians have finally crossed the line.  How do we know?  Because the attack happened to coincide with a devastating sneak attack on US peacekeepers in Slovakia.  Thousands of Americans are dead, at the hands of the EDC, which has now completely occupied Slovakia, all for the crime of wanting to enforce their own sovereignty.  And Washington still doesn’t want to address it.  The Brigade Combat Team in Poland has already exchanged fire with German and French forces, but to admit that would be to admit that the entire global order is a house of cards that is coming down around the elites’ ears.




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Holding Action Prologue

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