I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal from May 6th to May 13th for the entire American Praetorians series.  Kindle Countdown deals are limited-time promos that KDP lets authors conduct, where books can be significantly marked down for no more than a week.

During that week, you’ll be able to get the Kindle versions of the entire series for less than $9.  Task Force Desperate will be $0.99, with Hunting in the Shadows, Alone and Unafraid, The Devil You Don’t Know, and Lex Talionis each running for $1.99.  I’ve gotten slots on a couple of book promo sites for it, as well.

I’ll be putting it out on the newsletter next Monday as well, but here’s your heads-up.

The American Praetorians series was my first and the one I cut my teeth as an author on.  It remains some people’s favorite.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, this will be a good way to pick it up.

What started as a rescue mission turns into a bloody shadow war

The primary US base on the Horn of Africa has fallen.  America’s overseas assets have been allowed to slip.  Now the survivors’ only hope is a group of hard-bitten, veteran contractors, who are willing to go into the hell of East Africa on a rescue mission.

It is Praetorian Security’s baptism of fire.  And the first steps they take in a shadow fight against jihadists, pirates, terrorists…and worse.

With little more than grit, determination, and sheer, unadulterated ruthlessness, they wade into the growing conflagration that is the Middle East, hell-bent on taking the fight to enemies that their own country often won’t even acknowledge.

And along the way, they start to draw the curtain back on even darker forces at work…

Now, back to the word mines.  Holding Action isn’t going to write itself.


Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Kindle Countdown

Peter Nealen

Peter Nealen is a former Reconnaissance Marine and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006, and again in 2007, with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Recon Bn. After two years of schools and workups, including Scout/Sniper Basic and Team Leader's Courses, he deployed to Afghanistan with 4th Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Company, I MEF. Since he got out, he's been writing, authoring many articles and 24 books, mostly Action/Adventure and Military Thrillers, with some excursions into Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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