As I’ve written before, writing about mercs or military NGOs provides a certain freedom of action in a storytelling sense that I don’t get with writing about regular military.  Call it a certain degree of wish fulfillment (I’ve characterized some of my fiction as “shooter wish-fulfillment” before), but it helps telling the kinds of stories I want to tell without the pains of dealing with a lot of the red tape and crushing bureaucracy of the actual military.

I knew going into Maelstrom Rising that a small, special-operations-centered PMC like Praetorian Security/Solutions wasn’t quite going to do the trick.  So, The Triarii were born.

Characterized as right-wing militia, right-wing terrorists, vigilantes, and a private army, the organization called the Triarii, named for the third-rank veterans of the old, Pre-Marian Roman Legion, is in a way just what its opponents describe it as (short of the “Terrorist” moniker).

As American society became more and more fragmented and polarized, with unrest, social violence, and crime beginning to spiral out of control, often while local and federal authorities looked the other way, a former Marine Colonel named Joaquin Santiago started an informal network of former military/contractors to start filling in the gaps when politics get in the way of justice.  This seems to happen more often than not in major cities with left-leaning governments.

Over time, Santiago started forming more of a political and financial network, at first to provide top cover for his boys, but as time went on, he started forming what amounted to a parallel governance structure.  It was still oriented entirely toward protecting Americans from extremist violence; Santiago had no ambition to take over.  His focus was on holding the line and defending Constitutional principles as multiple sides seem to be hell-bent on subverting or trampling them.

But as the disintegration at home and abroad got worse, Santiago started to see the writing on the wall.  Entire states were refusing to enforce the law against the “right” people.  Americans were increasingly being targeted overseas, and the divide in the US government was stalling any effort to do anything about it.

So, Santiago started to build a combined arms force capable of securing American lives at home and abroad.  While not capable of going toe-to-toe with full national armies, the Triarii soon had a substantial military capability, to include infantry, light armor, artillery (mostly mortars), extensive drone and cyber capabilities, and air support.  The time might come for heavier stuff, but it is not yet.

The Triarii are not acknowledged by any governmental entity in the US.  They are too much of a threat to the Left, and an embarrassment to the Right.  The name is hardly mentioned in the news, only referred to as “right wing extremists” (except when they go after the Fourth Reich or their equivalents, when the identity of the organization is downplayed as much as possible, if it is even mentioned at all).

The Triarii

Peter Nealen

Peter Nealen is a former Reconnaissance Marine and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006, and again in 2007, with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Recon Bn. After two years of schools and workups, including Scout/Sniper Basic and Team Leader's Courses, he deployed to Afghanistan with 4th Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Company, I MEF. Works by Peter include: The American Praetorians Series Task Force Desperate (October 2012) - ebook , paperback and audiobook Hunting in the Shadows (June 2013) - ebook and paperback Alone and Unafraid (August 2014) - ebook and paperback The Devil You Don't Know (June 2015) - ebook and paperback Lex Talionis (June 2017) - ebook and paperback The Jed Horn Series A Silver Cross and a Winchester (October 2013) - ebook and paperback Nightmares (January 2015)- ebook and paperback The Walker on the Hills (December 2015) - ebook and paperback Older and Fouler Things (September 2017) - ebook and paperback The Brannigan's Blackhearts Series/Universe Kill Yuan (Spring 2016) - ebook and paperback Fury in the Gulf (November 2017) - ebook and paperback Burmese Crossfire (January 2018) - ebook and paperback Enemy Unidentified (March 2018) - ebook and paperback Frozen Conflict (May 2018) - ebook and paperback High Desert Vengeance (August 2018) - ebook and paperback Doctors of Death (December 2018) - ebook and paperback The Unity Wars Series (P.L. Nealen) The Fall of Valdek (July 2018) - ebook and paperback The Defense of Provenia (August 2018) - ebook and paperback The Alliance Rises (September 2018) - ebook and paperback Short Stories Rock Meet Hard Place (Part I) - Baen Books Blog Non-Fiction Operation Redwings: The Rescue Story Behind Lone Survivor (December 2013) - ebook only The ISIS Solution: How Unconventional Thinking and Special Operations Can Eliminate Radical Islam (SOFREP) (November 2014) - ebook only

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