Brannigan’s Blackhearts #3 – Enemy Unidentified is almost finished.  So, in the spirit of past releases, here’s some of the gun porn for the Blackhearts’ latest adventure!

This time around, staging out of Texas for an op in the Gulf of Mexico, the Blackhearts are rolling with a bit more conventional loadout.  Their primaries are LWRC M6A2 carbines, chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.

For sidearms, they’re rolling with FN-45s.

The terrorists they’re up against are well-equipped.  No AK knockoffs, this time.  Primaries are Desert Tech MDRs in .300 Blackout.

The terrorist’s team leader, known to his teammates only as “Flint,” carries an FK BRNO Field Pistol in 7.5mm, that he is inordinately proud of.

The Mexican Marines are primarily armed with FN P90s in 5.7mm.  This an issue Mexican Marine submachinegun, and well suited to the kind of CQB that they are initially looking at.

The Marine Commander carries an HK USP when he goes ashore.

One of the fun parts of this series is that the nature of the missions means I get to play around with an even greater variety of gun porn than in the Praetorians series.  The Blackhearts tend to standardize for each mission, but the loadouts are also tailored to fit the AO they are working.

Look for Brannigan’s Blackhearts #3 – Enemy Unidentified soon!

Terror Out Of Nowhere

In a single, blood-soaked afternoon, hundreds are killed in a string of terrorist attacks across the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico.  To top it off, the terrorists bomb an energy summit in Matamoros, taking hostages before fleeing to an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

They issue no demands.  No known group has taken credit for the attack.  All anyone knows is that VIPs from both North and South America are being held hostage.  And the first wave of Mexican Marines has been repulsed by terrorists who are far more heavily armed and better prepared than anyone expected.

The Mexican government won’t ask for help.  But there is a team that the US and Mexico can agree to send in, as they do not exist, as far as the public is concerned.  Brannigan’s Blackhearts have another rescue mission.  And it’s going to be the bloodiest yet.

The Guns of “Enemy Unidentified”

Peter Nealen

Peter Nealen is a former Reconnaissance Marine and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006, and again in 2007, with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Recon Bn. After two years of schools and workups, including Scout/Sniper Basic and Team Leader's Courses, he deployed to Afghanistan with 4th Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Company, I MEF. Since he got out, he's been writing, authoring many articles and 24 books, mostly Action/Adventure and Military Thrillers, with some excursions into Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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